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Busy Bee

Hello readers! Is anyone still listening to this channel?? As you can see from my lack of blog posts I’ve been busy! Is this a good thing? Well the journal of Psychological Science would say yes! They just published a new study, which claims that busy people are happier overall than the “I’m bored” category of people. If you’re one to have a long to-do list everyday chances are you get a kick out of checking things off the list and now you can say that there is SCIENCE behind that little sense of satisfaction you get! You can read about the study here!

If you’re bored…here’s a handy list of ideas to get you “busy” and happy!

1. Take a walk

2. De-clutter! I’ve always said that making space on a surface in your home creates space in the brain, which can lead to number 3….

3. Get Creative! Yes! Do something for pleasure! Now that’s a novel idea yea? Paint, write a letter to a friend (snail mail ROCKS), create a vision board!

4. Take some pictures. Capture what your soul windows see all the time! Nobody sees the world like you do :)

5. Start a blog! You can accomplish 1-4 and then WRITE about it in your brand new blog! Meet like minded people via online social groups like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress of course.

So remember…even if you think there is absolutely NOTHING to do (insert whining voice here)…There is! So get your busy on because as this proverb states…

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest, for he has not earned it.

With that…I’m going to go take a much enjoyed rest before I wake up to teach some yoga at ASU tomorrow! I’ll be teaching classes 3 times a week this semester! Are you faculty or staff? Come out and visit moi! May you be productive and happy this week! xo


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The Art of Yoga Adjustments

Hello yogis! I had a fabulous yoga workshopping opportunity last weekend that I haven’t had time to share with you until now. The workshop consisted of yoga teachers coming together to learn how to adjust their students under the guidance of Sarah Faircloth. The workshop ran Saturday night and all day Sunday and it was AWESOME. As a yoga teacher you should know how to TALK your students through yoga poses first and foremost, but sometimes words aren’t enough and at that point you must know how to use TOUCH. We started by looking at the SSA method:

Sensitivity: Before you ever adjust your students  you observe and then step in with sensitivity. Observe the energy of the pose first and ask, “how can I unlock energy for this student and help enhance the posture”? Have a vision of the assist you want to perform and good intention.

Stabilize: Before you manually adjust someone in a posture, make sure your student is stable. You never want your fellow yogi to take fall over so make sure you’re close to your student when you adjust. You can place your foot to the outside of their back foot and that in itself is stabilizing. Not only should your student be stable, but you should be too!

Adjust: After you have stepped in with sensitivity and stabilized your student, THEN you can adjust. There are adjustments that will deepen OR enhance the posture.

Speaking of adjustments, I’ve been doing ALOT of them! Recently I taught yoga avec Katheryn Harlan and I got to practice all kinds of yummy assists on some beautiful yogis and yoginis. Check it out!

I really love floating around the room helping people to feel lighter and brighter in their yoga positions. We’ll be having another class in the same space on August 18th and its FREE! :) I hope to see you there! I also wanted to share a video from the breast cancer survivor class I’ve been interning with the past month. They are beautiful women inside and out! Enjoy…namaste!

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Teaching Yoga, Interning, & Lots of Joy

Greetings Shimmering Souls! I have so much to tell you all. Remember a few weeks ago when I said Yoga to Go would be slowing down with teaching? Well, as soon as I mentioned that on the blog oodles of new opportunities started flowing my way! I am now the proud yoga teacher at Appalachian State University Health Promotions for Faculty & Staff (what a mouth full!) and I couldn’t be happier. I was able to teach my first class there on Wednesday and although it wasn’t the largest attendance I’ve ever had, it felt so good to have my own space! I’ll be teaching there on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-2 so if you know anyone who works for ASU, tell them to come promote their health and spirit in my yoga class! Mats, props, music, and lots of new yummy vinyasas will be offered every class. Just bring your self, maybe some water, and your breath!

Another new happening at Yoga To Go is my internship with….drum roll….Through Healing Eyes! I officially started work today, and up first on the agenda was to make them a shimmering blog that was as beautiful as they are. Check out the link above to see the new blog and please comment and subscribe! So, I’ll be writing for them as well as assisting many of Katheryns amazing yoga classes and so. much. more. If you’re in the Hickory, NC area you can come practice with us too! Here’s a link to Katheryn’s weekly class offerings. She is phenomenal…if you get the chance, come visit!  I couldn’t have dreamed up a better internship with nicer people. Through Healing I come! :)

I’ll also be graduating from my Health Promotion program at ASU in December and I can’t tell you how excited I am to put all the knowledge I’ve collected to good use. The past few days have been full of new beginnings and joy and I look forward to sharing all my new endeavors with you! Thank you for stopping by and reading…your comments and emails mean the world to me!

What has brought you joy this week? Whatever it is (big or small), I invite you to just sit beside it for a bit…and smile! Remember that if you dream it you can become it. Start now and manifest your joy! Would you like a joy cupcake? :)

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend. Xo


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My Crestwood Yoga Teacher Experience

The past two weekends I had the honor of teaching yoga at Crestwood Spa & Resort . It was so spacious to teach outdoors with the breeze, music, and the enormous sky overhead. The students were fabulous and very willing to explore new poses and a new style of yoga. They’re regular teacher is Blythe Kumari. She is sure to be fabulous because she graduated yoga school at Holy Cow Yoga! I plan to meet her this coming Saturday when I go back to Crestwood to be a student in her class. I have a couple private yoga sessions on the horizon, but other than that Yoga To Go is slowing down in the teaching department. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure tons of new opportunities will come up! I’m thrilled to continue my role as student though…take some classes and soak up new knowledge.

If you’re in Boone this summer you should check out yoga class at Crestwood on Saturday’s from 10-11:30. I can’t tell you how peaceful and pampered you’ll feel afterword. Yoga mats, bottled water, and a towel are all provided and you are welcome to drop in even if you’re not staying at Crestwood. 15 dollars and it’s all yours!

Here’s to opportunities on the horizon and always remembering to keep your inner student alive. We’re always learning…always growing. Namaste!


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Yoga To Go Rockin’ Playlist

Here are some songs from the playlist I used in yoga class today at Crestwood! xo

Music Playlist at

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The key to soaring in Bakasana

Hello lovelies! I just got back from a little hike on the tanawha trail in Boone! While I was there I played with bakasana/crane pose. A few weeks ago I could barely make it up into this arm balance, let alone stay hovering in the position. I finally figured out what the key is and I wanted to share it in case you are wondering why your bakasana isn’t as “fly” as you’d like.
Okay so here’s the score. The secret to Bakasana? It’s all about the clavicles! Most people have plenty of upper body strength to get into bakasana, but they forget to open their heart and spread the collar bones as their taking off into flight. I finally figured out this very slight action and now I can balance in this position with grace. So next time you attempt this pose remember to drop the shoulders away from the ears, spread the collar bones, and take your gaze about a foot out from your hands. I promise you’ll be more successful! Most importantly…cultivate joy!!
xo Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!
OH! And how do you like the new blog layout? I think its pretty rockin’! This picture of Butler and me adds some cute factor too right? :)


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Yoga helps cancer survivors sleep: and an interview with Katheryn Harlan

A new study, the largest of its kind thus far, has shown that yoga helps cancer survivors get better sleep! CNN posted this article a couple days ago reviewing the study writing:

The study included 410 cancer survivors who had completed treatment in the previous two years and had been experiencing sleep problems for at least two months. All but 16 of the patients were women, and 75 percent were breast cancer survivors. In addition to the standard post-treatment care that everyone received, half of the study participants attended 75-minute yoga sessions twice a week for a month.

The results of the study lead researchers to believe that yoga is not only a viable exercise, but also a great way to calm the nervous system and manage pain! Through the use of restorative and Hatha yoga, both low-intensity styles, participant’s sleeping patterns improved and the use of sleeping medications went down:

At the beginning of the study, just under 85 percent of the participants in both the yoga and control groups were experiencing sleep problems. By the end, 31 percent of the patients who’d done yoga were sleeping soundly, compared with just 16 percent of the control group. The yoga participants were also using about 20 percent less sleep medication, on average, while the people in the control group actually upped their intake of sleep drugs by 5 percent.

This is encouraging news to yoga teachers everywhere who have “known” that yoga has a place in cancer survivor’s lives all this time. In honor of this finding I went to my dear friend Katheryn Harlan, who has been teaching breast cancer survivors for several years, and asked if she would mind talking about her foundation and how yoga has changed her student’s lives over the years. Katheryn is a breast cancer survivor, a certified yoga instructor, a mother, and an activist. She is the founder and director of Through Healing Eyes. Her organization promotes breast cancer awareness through education, provides inspiration to those affected, and makes breast cancer diagnosis and treatment available to those unable to afford care. You can read about the beginnings of Through Healing Eyes on their Facebook page. It is truly an inspirational story. Visit their website to purchase one of their calenders or make a donation. In addition to her organization, Mrs. Harlan teaches a group of breast cancer survivors every week. Below are some questions she took to her students about how yoga has impacted their lives as cancer survivors.

Which came first for you, yoga or breast cancer?

Katheryn: All of the ladies I polled said breast cancer came first. for me, however yoga came first. I then found the profound benefits of yoga after a diagnosis.

Did you turn to yoga after cancer as a way of management or were you already practicing?

K: They turned to yoga as a way of managing the “fall out” of cancer.

What percentage of your class are yoga survivors or are currently effected with cancer?

K:100% are survivors, in various stages of their recovery. Although most are”healthy” survivors I do have some that suffer from long term side effects of the chemotherapies/radiation/surgeries & drugs used in treatments.
How do your yoga students rank the benefits of yoga? In other words what has been the greatest benefit…increase in sleep, pain management, weight maintenance,  stress reduction, community building, healing visualization/meditation?

K: Stress reduction, more restful sleep, decrease pain,love being in a non-judgmental class where we can all FEEL each other’s pain, both physically & emotionally. Several have been helped with weight post treatment weight gain. Greatest benefit to me is to be able to recognize and truly and simply appreciate “me” and being here in the moment.

Additional perks: Reduce stress, improve balance, regain flexibility,
meditation and relaxation, focus, new friends with a special bond.  It is
my support group, even if we don’t talk about breast cancer.

Do you use healing visualizations as part of your meditation process? What kind of visualizations do you use?

K: I ask them to remember back to the time they first heard the words, ” you have breast cancer”, pause for about 10 breaths & then begin to talk about what has happened since then, how they have endured the treatments, surgeries, came to their 1st yoga class/support group, & any other positive steps they have taken & that depends on who is in the class & I know their background so I use specific situations, etc.
I ask them to visualize their breath as their favorite color & imagine that as their positive healing energies & send that breath wherever they need healing at this moment.
Sometimes we “go” to their happy place & refer back to that w/ each pose.
When doing strength poses or 1 legged balancing poses I talk about how their strength has helped them endure adversity & chaos during their time of “fighting” & has brought them to this point.

Thank you Katheryn for taking the time to bring these questions to your students. I am in awe of all the amazing work you’re doing, and I’m especially in awe of the amazing, strong group of women you work with.

Please check out Through Healing Eyes !  I hope you all have an inspired week! xo

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