The key to soaring in Bakasana

Hello lovelies! I just got back from a little hike on the tanawha trail in Boone! While I was there I played with bakasana/crane pose. A few weeks ago I could barely make it up into this arm balance, let alone stay hovering in the position. I finally figured out what the key is and I wanted to share it in case you are wondering why your bakasana isn’t as “fly” as you’d like.
Okay so here’s the score. The secret to Bakasana? It’s all about the clavicles! Most people have plenty of upper body strength to get into bakasana, but they forget to open their heart and spread the collar bones as their taking off into flight. I finally figured out this very slight action and now I can balance in this position with grace. So next time you attempt this pose remember to drop the shoulders away from the ears, spread the collar bones, and take your gaze about a foot out from your hands. I promise you’ll be more successful! Most importantly…cultivate joy!!
xo Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!
OH! And how do you like the new blog layout? I think its pretty rockin’! This picture of Butler and me adds some cute factor too right? :)



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4 responses to “The key to soaring in Bakasana

  1. i’ve been wanting so desperately to get into crane/crow pose for a while now. and how ironic that i took a silly quiz on facebook today about “which yoga pose are you” and my answer was crow pose! then even more ironic is that i came across your blog today and read your secret of spreading thru the clavicles. so i rolled out my mat, did a few sun salutes to warm up and attempted crow. i was able to soar for a few seconds and know i will get better over time. your secret helped tremendously!

    ps love your blog! and that pup of yours is adorable!


    • yogag33k

      Yay! I’m so glad “the secret” helped you out! Haha I love how today just seemed to lead you into that pose! It was meant to be. Thank you for your kind words. I have actually visited your blog in past and loooove it so it is an honor to have you visit mine!

  2. Great advice – this is one pose that I CAN NOT get! I had it for about two seconds one time but then tumbled down :) I am going to try your tips and see if it helps.

  3. Anjeanette

    Bakasana is a really empowering pose. It’s great that you talk about your experience with it. My boss, Leeann Carey, is a world-renowned yoga teacher & she says that it is great for upper body strength. She has a free yoga video on this subject that you should check out:

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