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The Art of Yoga Adjustments

Hello yogis! I had a fabulous yoga workshopping opportunity last weekend that I haven’t had time to share with you until now. The workshop consisted of yoga teachers coming together to learn how to adjust their students under the guidance of Sarah Faircloth. The workshop ran Saturday night and all day Sunday and it was AWESOME. As a yoga teacher you should know how to TALK your students through yoga poses first and foremost, but sometimes words aren’t enough and at that point you must know how to use TOUCH. We started by looking at the SSA method:

Sensitivity: Before you ever adjust your students  you observe and then step in with sensitivity. Observe the energy of the pose first and ask, “how can I unlock energy for this student and help enhance the posture”? Have a vision of the assist you want to perform and good intention.

Stabilize: Before you manually adjust someone in a posture, make sure your student is stable. You never want your fellow yogi to take fall over so make sure you’re close to your student when you adjust. You can place your foot to the outside of their back foot and that in itself is stabilizing. Not only should your student be stable, but you should be too!

Adjust: After you have stepped in with sensitivity and stabilized your student, THEN you can adjust. There are adjustments that will deepen OR enhance the posture.

Speaking of adjustments, I’ve been doing ALOT of them! Recently I taught yoga avec Katheryn Harlan and I got to practice all kinds of yummy assists on some beautiful yogis and yoginis. Check it out!

I really love floating around the room helping people to feel lighter and brighter in their yoga positions. We’ll be having another class in the same space on August 18th and its FREE! :) I hope to see you there! I also wanted to share a video from the breast cancer survivor class I’ve been interning with the past month. They are beautiful women inside and out! Enjoy…namaste!


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3 Daily Tricks to Unleash Your Yogi

Hello darlings! I’ve been thinking about how we can all connect with our inner yogi even when we’re not on the mat. Getting connected with the part of yourself that you always seem to meet when you’re in a yoga class can be so grounding and HEALTHY! So, I came up with 3 simple ways of doing this when you’re at work, standing in line, on an airplane…just about anywhere!

One: Pick up all ten yogi toes! Lifting your toes off the floor, no matter how high you can get them, instantly helps connect you with the four corners of your feet. Our feet have corners too ya know!? The pad below your big toe, the pad below your pinky toe, and then either side of your heel form the points which make up the sole of our foot. One way to physically ground yourself is to lift those tootsies and connect with your corners. So slip your shoes off at the office today and try it out!

Two: Shimmy your shoulders back in their sockets! This past weekend I went to a yoga teacher workshop all about adjustments. And I think almost every single adjustment involved bringing these long wavy appendages that we call arms and legs back into the core of our being. Plugging back into the torso. One way to do this is by taking the shoulders, shrugging them up to the ears, and then rolling them back onto the back. WOW! Your heart is instantly more open and tension is released. So now you’re grounded AND you have an open heart.

Three: Permit yourself perfect posture! If you’ve completed the two tasks above then you are well on your way to action three! Taking a moment to tuck the tailbone and lengthen through the spine allows you to check in with your body language. What are you telling yourself just in the way your carrying yourself right now? Is your weight shifted more toward one side or the other? Body reading tells you ALOT about what energy you have at the moment and guess what!? We can control our own energy just by adjusting our posture. Check out Kimberly Wilson’s six movements of the spine video to get the idea!

So open up those channels for some nourishing energy and stand tall, roll the shoulders up and back, and bring all ten toes off the Earth. Witness how this  helps you connect to the divine energy within you…It’s always there and you don’t have to be on a yoga mat to find it! Voila! Namaste lovelies! See you soon xo.


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Today has been eventful, but full of all the things I love to do! Seriously I don’t know where this burst of energy came from, but all of a sudden I was canning, sewing, and hiking! I even squeezed some yoga into my day for good measure. I woke up this morning and finished up canning some peach butter and pickles. Yum!

After the canning was complete…Stew and I left the cans to seal up and went on a hike! Would you like some peach butter?

There was yoga (fire-log hip opening goodness)…

Lots of hiking…

And lots of wet nose kisses

When we got home I decided it was time to revisit the sewing machine to get some creative energy out and I put together a quick drawstring bag! I don’t really LOVE the ribbon I used..but it’s what I had to work with. I do, however love the pattern! It was really simple to whip right up!

So that was my day today! It’s been full and wonderful. I hope you all are making space to feed your body and soul with creativity, yoga, and some local delicious food! Be well :)

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The key to soaring in Bakasana

Hello lovelies! I just got back from a little hike on the tanawha trail in Boone! While I was there I played with bakasana/crane pose. A few weeks ago I could barely make it up into this arm balance, let alone stay hovering in the position. I finally figured out what the key is and I wanted to share it in case you are wondering why your bakasana isn’t as “fly” as you’d like.
Okay so here’s the score. The secret to Bakasana? It’s all about the clavicles! Most people have plenty of upper body strength to get into bakasana, but they forget to open their heart and spread the collar bones as their taking off into flight. I finally figured out this very slight action and now I can balance in this position with grace. So next time you attempt this pose remember to drop the shoulders away from the ears, spread the collar bones, and take your gaze about a foot out from your hands. I promise you’ll be more successful! Most importantly…cultivate joy!!
xo Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!
OH! And how do you like the new blog layout? I think its pretty rockin’! This picture of Butler and me adds some cute factor too right? :)


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