My Crestwood Yoga Teacher Experience

The past two weekends I had the honor of teaching yoga at Crestwood Spa & Resort . It was so spacious to teach outdoors with the breeze, music, and the enormous sky overhead. The students were fabulous and very willing to explore new poses and a new style of yoga. They’re regular teacher is Blythe Kumari. She is sure to be fabulous because she graduated yoga school at Holy Cow Yoga! I plan to meet her this coming Saturday when I go back to Crestwood to be a student in her class. I have a couple private yoga sessions on the horizon, but other than that Yoga To Go is slowing down in the teaching department. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure tons of new opportunities will come up! I’m thrilled to continue my role as student though…take some classes and soak up new knowledge.

If you’re in Boone this summer you should check out yoga class at Crestwood on Saturday’s from 10-11:30. I can’t tell you how peaceful and pampered you’ll feel afterword. Yoga mats, bottled water, and a towel are all provided and you are welcome to drop in even if you’re not staying at Crestwood. 15 dollars and it’s all yours!

Here’s to opportunities on the horizon and always remembering to keep your inner student alive. We’re always learning…always growing. Namaste!



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3 responses to “My Crestwood Yoga Teacher Experience

  1. runrettarun

    I wish you were in Oklahoma so you could teach me yoga!

  2. yogag33k

    aww! That is so sweet! I would love to visit Oklahoma someday! I hear lots of wonderful things! Love your blog btw thank you for stopping by! xo

  3. once a teacher, always a student :) i love being a student. i try to be a sponge and soak up all sorts of yoga goodness. i wish i could take one of your classes. what style of yoga do you teach by the way? hugs!!

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