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Busy Bee

Hello readers! Is anyone still listening to this channel?? As you can see from my lack of blog posts I’ve been busy! Is this a good thing? Well the journal of Psychological Science would say yes! They just published a new study, which claims that busy people are happier overall than the “I’m bored” category of people. If you’re one to have a long to-do list everyday chances are you get a kick out of checking things off the list and now you can say that there is SCIENCE behind that little sense of satisfaction you get! You can read about the study here!

If you’re bored…here’s a handy list of ideas to get you “busy” and happy!

1. Take a walk

2. De-clutter! I’ve always said that making space on a surface in your home creates space in the brain, which can lead to number 3….

3. Get Creative! Yes! Do something for pleasure! Now that’s a novel idea yea? Paint, write a letter to a friend (snail mail ROCKS), create a vision board!

4. Take some pictures. Capture what your soul windows see all the time! Nobody sees the world like you do :)

5. Start a blog! You can accomplish 1-4 and then WRITE about it in your brand new blog! Meet like minded people via online social groups like Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress of course.

So remember…even if you think there is absolutely NOTHING to do (insert whining voice here)…There is! So get your busy on because as this proverb states…

The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest, for he has not earned it.

With that…I’m going to go take a much enjoyed rest before I wake up to teach some yoga at ASU tomorrow! I’ll be teaching classes 3 times a week this semester! Are you faculty or staff? Come out and visit moi! May you be productive and happy this week! xo


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