Today has been eventful, but full of all the things I love to do! Seriously I don’t know where this burst of energy came from, but all of a sudden I was canning, sewing, and hiking! I even squeezed some yoga into my day for good measure. I woke up this morning and finished up canning some peach butter and pickles. Yum!

After the canning was complete…Stew and I left the cans to seal up and went on a hike! Would you like some peach butter?

There was yoga (fire-log hip opening goodness)…

Lots of hiking…

And lots of wet nose kisses

When we got home I decided it was time to revisit the sewing machine to get some creative energy out and I put together a quick drawstring bag! I don’t really LOVE the ribbon I used..but it’s what I had to work with. I do, however love the pattern! It was really simple to whip right up!

So that was my day today! It’s been full and wonderful. I hope you all are making space to feed your body and soul with creativity, yoga, and some local delicious food! Be well :)


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  1. sounds like a very productive day sweetie! such gorgeous pics. and um, yes, i’d love some peach butter ;) hugs!!

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