Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice, or midsummer, is right around the corner. In fact its tomorrow! The 21st will be the day when the earth’s axis holds its greatest tilt towards the sun. It marks the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. It has definitely felt like summer arrived early this year with all the heat, but that’s another story. So when you get on your mat tomorrow morning and salute the sun, take in the extra energy that will be pouring out upon us from the giant star in the sky.

Several traditions around the world celebrate the summer solstice by burning a bonfire all day and night. This is meant to celebrate the sun at its peak performance and to ask the sun not to withdraw back into winter. I won’t be creating any bonfires tomorrow, but I do plan to light a candle and keep it burning all day.

Summer solstice is also a time of reflection. Take a moment to take in the greenscape all around you and the growth of seeds you’ve planted. If you have projects that you’ve been working on or any other “seeds” you’ve planted. Now is the time to reflect on those and check in on their progress. Celebrate growth, love, and the world’s vitalizing energy within and around you. How are your seeds doing? I hope the solstice finds you well!

OH! and happy father’s day! Thanks for being here xo


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