Mid-year Goals

Good morning! It’s Monday again and I am still on respite in Charlotte. It’s always so relaxing being here in a house full of love and warmth. And warm it is here in Charlotte! We finally got a good cleansing and cooling rain last night thank goodness.

I happened upon a blogger yesterday who had written a post about the midyear and it dawned on me…it is already the middle of 2010! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. I guess that’s a testament to all the activity around here lately. New puppy, wrapping up my BS in summer school, weddings, family get togethers, and lots of creating and writing! So now its time to check back in with my yearly goals and see how I’m doing and what I need to be focusing on for the rest of this year. Here are the goals I have set out for myself, some of which I’ve completed and others that are still being mulled over or are in progress:

  1. Finish BS – in progress! I’ve finished all my Health Promotions classes…all that’s left are a couple classes for my minor and my internship! yayy!
  2. Use social networking sites more often- Check! Creating a community online is so much fun! I’ve been keeping up with my blog baby, tweeting, and using tumblr as an inspiration board for all things health and wellness.
  3. Yoga practice everyday – This a lifelong process and always in progress! :)
  4. Teach more yoga – I have taught much more this year and I see quite a bit of teaching in my immediate future. Love teaching yoga! It keeps me whole and brings a whole new meaning to my own daily practice.
  5. Sew and use my Etsy – I managed to create a couple pieces as trial runs for an idea I had in the middle of the night. Hopefully this week I will have more time to get more pieces done and then make an Etsy for Yoga to Go! I have a long way to go here.
  6. Read some books for pleasure – Hasn’t really been accomplished yet. I was drooling over my wish-list on Amazon last night…maybe now is the time to order a good read :)
  7. Can food – I’ve done a couple things, but would love to do much more before the season is over. Peach butter, pickles, and strawberry jam have been the extent of it.
  8. Find the perfect Internship – Workin’ on it <3
  9. Work on Bridgette – love my baja beetle, but she is in need of some TLC…do I see moi in some work gloves changing her oil soon? I think so!
  10. Hike, swim, run…something other than yoga more often – I really need to challenge my body in new ways.
  11. Vlog more – I’ve created one vlog all year, but I’m in the middle of another gem coming out soon! Get excited :)

There they are! My top ten goals (plus one) all in a text box! So far I think I’m on my way to the completion of them all. Have you checked in on yourself for the halfway mark of this year? I hope you will. Namaste peeps! xo



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2 responses to “Mid-year Goals

  1. wow, you’ve done really well! you should be proud of yourself. :) hugs!!

  2. runrettarun

    Great job on your goals! I do need to check on my goals and see where I am on them! Thank you for the reminder. :)

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