Summer School Inspiration

Hello cupcakes! This past week I started my first summer session. This summer I’ll be finished with classes for my BS in Health Promotions and I am more than stoked! Even though my spirits are high with regards to my upcoming graduation going to classes during the summer is kinda lame…am I right? So! I decided to cover my notebook in an array of photos to make the summer school routine a little easier on my soul. Here she is:

ah, the beach beneath my feet, some peonies, yoga, purl bee‘s shop in NYC….that’s all I need to make my heart smile!

Inspiration boards, folders, strings, etc. are all the rage these days! You can find flickr groups dedicated to them….entire blogs even! You can make them out of magazine pictures, you can take your own photos, or you can even make your own inspiration corner on the web (Here’s one of my favorite Tumblr’s). Here’s a tutorial on how to make an inspiration board from a empty frame. GORGEOUS! I think its so important to keep your hopes, dreams, and goals in a visual form. You are more likely to take action when you see your goal in front of you. More importantly, you’re most likely to SMILE when you see your inspiration around you. So check out the links…peruse the inspirations of others…and then make your own! Don’t forget to take pictures and show me!

As The Purl Bee motto goes, “Create your world”. Namaste ya’ll!


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