BUY HANDMADE: Gifts for the seeker in your life

As Christmas approaches I encourage my YogaToGo readers to buy handmade this year! I love supporting small creative businesses…its good karma all around! Below I’ve listed a few to give you some inspiration, but I assure you has a myriad of well-made creative gifts for your loved ones!

LEGWARMERS: Every yogi will tell you that there is nothing better than some leg warmers for their daily practice! Your ankles will stay toasty while your feet remain sticky and connected to the Earth. I thought these were adorable! Click on the picture to go salivate over “Cristinrae’s” other gorgeously handmade wares.

These mug cozies are to die for! I recommend this for the seeker who loves to read in your life! Mug Cozy? A cup of tea? Curled up reading their newest guide to enlightenment? PERFECTION. Waysideviolet offers this knitted cozy in an array of yummy colors! Check it out and buy me one too!! Haha

This next gift gets the “Most Innovative” award….its a “Recycled bike inner tube journal”! This is the perfect journal for the “green” seeker in your life. It comes in several different colors and is lined in felt so that when you open it…it just feels good! Give the gift of self study J and check out all the other bike inner tube accessories on “Palepink”. Its quite impressive!

If you’re looking for a “daily reminder” gift Laladesignstudio has created some pieces of jewelry that are intricate yet simple. This twisted sterling shaped into a small yogi is a reminder to practice our everyday “nothingness”. She has also made a few tiny lotus flowers to wear as well… The lotus flower starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond in the mud and muck. It slowly grows up towards the waters surface continually moving towards the light. Once it come to the surface of the water the lotus flower begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower. What a reminder of the process of transformation!

Finally, if you have a seeker in your life who is in need of some stress relief…recommend yoga first of course lol…THEN pick up an “Organic Herb and Flax, Neck and Shoulder Heat/Cold Wrap” from Leisastanton’s Etsy shop! You can also choose from a short list of herbs to fill your new neck and shoulder friend with! Oh! Oh! Annnnd she makes yoga mat bags that are equally as beautiful and important in a seekers life! Hehe

Hope this helped inspire you to find amazing handmade gifts this year! xo



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3 responses to “BUY HANDMADE: Gifts for the seeker in your life

  1. Ani

    I am really impressed with your selections! And what a great idea to choose items from Etsy artists/craftspeople!

    I would like to share your ideas with my readers at


  2. yogag33k

    Ani I would be honored! Of course! <3

  3. Lovely choices. You might want to look at my sister’ K Robins website – She makes beautiful symbolic designs – many of them are inspired by Yoga and Meditation. I tried to put her up on Etsy, but just don’t seem to do a good job of maintaining it. Obviously, it is the place to be – maybe you will find her there shortly!
    By the way – her Radiance and Balance pieces go on sale tomorrow we hope.

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