Your Heart’s Desires…

Woo! Has it really been over a month since I’ve posted? *sigh* Even though there has been a break in the Joy Diet Experience, I’d like to continue where we left off…shall we?


After indulging in this week’s chapter dedicated to desire I am full of inspiration and new goals! This week Beck asks us to delve into the corners of our heart to uncover our deepest desires. This seems so simple at first, but WOW what a challenge it was for me. My mind was swirling with all these “wants” I have at the moment…yes I desire a mocha with whipped cream right now, some cash because I am BROKE, and how bout’ some pumpkin pie too while we’re at it?! Yes, these short-term wants were simple to identify, but my deepest desires?? I am still wrestling with this. Maybe I haven’t found that gut wrenching desire that Beck describes, but simply going through the motion of giving a name to what I think I desire most has been really powerful. I wrote down several broad-based desires that I always want to manifest in my life and they came out like this:

Community…Family…Discipline…Honesty…Studentship…To always take pleasure in the little stuff…Teach more yoga…More home cooked meals…

As I pursue these desires I think they will narrow and help produce more refined desires. As Beck mentioned in this chapter, “I can tell you from extensive observation that refusing to feel desire is the only thing more painful than failing to get what you want, and that learning not to yearn, far from preventing disappointment, ultimately guarantees it”(49). The more I begin to examine my desires the closer I will be to that one ultimate desire…the gut wrenching, heart fluttering desire that I’m destined to find! Out of the above desires I would say Teaching more yoga, Studentship, and more home cooked meals are tickling my fancy! I’ll have to pursue them more…mmm especially home cooked meals! hehe Peace and love to all my fellow Joy Dieters! I hope you have all found some pleasure in this decadent chapter of desire! Creativity is going to be so much fun with all the desires I’ve uncovered! <3

PS – I’ll be teaching at the fabulous Neighborhood Yoga for my mentor while she’s in MEXICO! 9:30 – 10:45 Hope you can join me before the holidays kick off!


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