Truth be Told….. Courtesy of Jesse Speelman

This week’s Joy Chapter was all about Truth. Fortunately, this wasn’t the first time I had encountered this intimidating entity. A couple years ago I went through what felt like TOO MUCH truth and I would imagine it feels like that for any soul who decides to embark on this journey. When you decide to open up the door to what the truth is it feels like stepping into a wooly forest of uncertainty. The lifelong questions, “Well then, who am I?” and, “Why?” start to surface in your mind. Truth will turn your world upside down and inside out…peeling off layers of your “self” that you never knew were there. The funny thing is, just when you think you’re finished with truth…there couldn’t BE anymore truth…it finds you again. I find that truth…the heavy truths…are what you carry in your hips. It’s the junk that holds you down. My teacher used to say that even though this “junk” is heavy and hard to sift through its what keeps us grounded. We need our truths, our hang-ups, the junk to keep us human. One of the most deepening practices for truth is to sink into a yin yoga hip opening class and let the junk poor out of your hips. It’s so powerful! Let’s just say I have some tight hips…pigeon is the enemy!! Hehe

Foggy ForestPhoto Courtesy Of Helen

Beck touches my heart when she writes, “Offer Compassion to your Inner Lying Scumbag”. I LOVE THAT! Even if you’re walking through this murky forest that is truth and you come across the most heinous part of you…you are a SEEKER and you should feel so much love and compassion for yourself. She writes, “…because this person is in fact a wounded and terrified child. He or She has adopted bad habits in a misguided attempt to make the world feel safe”(43). I’ve written about finding your inner child on this blog…I think a time like this is perfect time to get reacquainted! You are beautiful and a seeker and I honor anyone who is working through the layers of truth. So get on the mat…open up those hips and release the “junk”. Peace and joy to you this week and good luck with next week’s chapter: Desire! Ooo Laa Laa!! <3

TruthMy “Truth” Vision Card



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15 responses to “Truth be Told…..

  1. Thank you for sharing your truth journey with us. I too found that showing compassion for my inner lying scumbag was really helpful and eye opening.

  2. I have succeed in finding my inner child and she is healed. I so enjoyed your take on truth. I love how you described it in a forest too. I will have to learn more about yoga too.
    And thank you for stopping by. See ya next week.

  3. Dia

    Interesting to see how movement is a theme in addressing Truth – several people have mentioned dance as part of their journey!!
    Love your comment on those ‘heavy truths’ being held in our hips (!!) & your teacher’s take on that being what helps ground us!
    My mom had polio at 9, so I gestated in a belly carried by wounded hips & an odd gait. After I began taking ballet at 28, it took me several more years to ‘free’ those hips – coinciding with adding Tai Chi & began training in Massage (33)!
    & then learning to re-ground!! One lightwork teacher commented that she found that healers were often un-grounded; learning to ground was one of her requirements for the class!
    & another psychic told me that when I craved bread, that I needed oxygen – remember to breathe. Full circle, isn’t it?

    • yogag33k

      Thank you so much for your comment! I have always thought ballet was the most graceful looking dance! and the Lightwork teacher? SUPER COOL! everything really is full circle! <3

  4. Oh your art cards — heART cards — are sooooooooooooooooo beautiful! Yes, absolute find so much when I befriend the scary things and invite them to tea! And thank you for the idea about hip opening! Here’s to the Journey!

  5. I love the artwork and photo. Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment about my journal pages.

    I like your thoughts here. I think our bodies DO end up reflecting all the stuff we hide deep within ourselves. It has to come out in some form. I tend to hold a lot in my gut…..and stomach right now is probably the biggest part of my body! In fact….I probably resemble being pregnant at times…NOT the look I am going for. I think we do need to release it all…..and that can be in many ways….unfortunately I seem to keep hanging onto so much “crap” for some reason. Maybe as a security blanket.

  7. Great post! Thank you for the reminder to be kind and compassionate toward ourselves. Yoga is a great practice that moves the chi and opens us up. You are embracing this journey and I can see lots of movement is happening within you. How wonderful!

  8. Ah, I’m one of the few who LOVE pigeon, and my hips are tight too… but I can tell it releases so much! I love that too about being compassionate to our inner scumbags…. It can be challenging to let go of our old stories that no longer serve us… but when we can do it, we make room for new stories. I love your vision card!

  9. Pigeon pose is incredibly hard for me. I just worked on it yesterday and can really only even come close to what it looks like on my left side. I guess I will really have to work on this. Thank you for your insights into the world of truth.

  10. Love your collage! Love the junk releasing! Fabulous! :)

  11. You gotta tell us more about ‘Pigeon’! What an interesting post – thanks for sharing and thanks too for commenting on my Truth post :)

    Sparkly Blessings,
    Kathy C.

  12. To leave such a lovely gift. Loved your collage.

  13. I don’t think we’re ever done with truth. But it’s important to keep working at it – and figuring out ways to release it. I am not sure i can do pigeon, if that’s what’s on your vision card, but when I go to my next yoga class i’ll ask how I begin to approach that.

    • yogag33k

      Good luck Becky!! I hope you enjoy it more than I do! If its any more comforting…most people seem to LOVE pigeon! hehe

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