The Joy Diet: Nothing


What a fabulous first week of nothing! I think I’ll be enjoying this new found diet! It was really eye opening to see my reaction to simply doing nothing and I have the feeling that many other “doers” out there (you know who you are) would have the same reaction…

Think about doing nothing….Procrastinate(x4)…finally go to the chosen “nothing spot”….SIT….have slight anxiety over the act of doing nothing….TAKE A DEEP BREATH….listen….sink into the space of nothingness for 10 minutes….try to remember why you ever wanted to put that off in the first place!

Yes that was the order of events for my nothingness. There was a slight anxiety about just sitting in silence for me that I found so intriguing. There’s a part of me, apparently, who just wants to DO all the time. I’m here to tell her that it’s okay to just BE. It was so incredibly peaceful that I didn’t need to go in search of a place in my mind because I WAS ALREADY THERE. It’s been raining alot around here so I just listened to the raindrops against the roof and my own breath until the 10 minutes were spent. Those 10 minutes went by quick, but what a rejuvenating 10 minutes they were. This week I face a few challenges, but I was able to keep everything in perspective and I accredit “Nothing” for most of that grace. Here’s the collage I created for this week’s theme. I look forward to meeting with you all again for Truth. Can’t wait to see what comes up!

The Joy Diet: Nothing



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8 responses to “The Joy Diet: Nothing

  1. Wow, love your collage.

  2. Great photo to start the post and a fabulous vision collage!!

    I LOVE this sentence: “try to remember why you ever wanted to put that off in the first place!” — so, so true!! Doesn’t it feel amazing when you’ve made the time and enjoyed the nothing???

    And listening to the rain? It’s mesmerizing isn’t it — soothing and calming and you can’t help but empty your mind to just listen to that.

    Sounds like you had a great week with nothing…looking forward to seeing how we deal with truth this week!

  3. Great vision collage for nothing. I like how you said you were letting yourself know it was ok to just be, that is big. Thanks for sharing your week.

  4. Great photo and your vision card is fabulous. I love your statement “Think about doing nothing…Procrastinate (x4)…” I am the queen of procrastination so maybe if I think of m doing nothing in those terms it will become easier for me.

  5. I love your vision card, and also your shirt in the photo is fabulous!

    I’m a “do-er” as well – I think our lives these days require that we do stuff constantly and it is important to just take that time to breathe and be. Well done! :)

  6. i love your version of nothing, your beautiful collage of nothing and your blog! i can’t wait to share the truth with you :)

  7. What an awesome card… here’s to giving ourselves permission to simply be… beautifully put!

  8. Dia

    Love your comment on procastinating on this – YES!! I can totally relate! & often have to remind myself that I WANT to do what I’m putting off! The book ‘Birth & Relationship’ helped me understand that being a ‘planned C-section’ – the doc chose my timing, & I often have to ‘be induced’ – or induce myself – to do something – even nothing :)

    & what a peaceful vision card! I just began the Joy Diet journey – want to make my vision card later today.

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