The Joy Diet: Joy

The Joy Diet

This week I’ve decided to join the online community named “The Next Chapter” and participate in their online book club for The Joy Diet! I am soo soo thrilled and excited to be a part of this talented group of bloggers! Every week each blogger posts their own review of the chapter covered over the week. I found it so serendipitous that the title of this book is based on a diet because in my nutrition class we’ve been discussing fad diets and how the majority of them are unsustainable. Offering magic bullets and quick fixes to attain the weight you desire. This “fad diet” is one that I could live with and would be a complete “joy” to sustain in my daily life. I hope whoever reads this will consider trying out Martha Beck’s diet over the coming months instead of the cabbage soup, atkins, or the lemonade diet!  The journey to joy is going to be a path along the stepping stones of the chapters nothing, truth, desire,creativity, risk, treats, play, laughter, connection, and feasting! Along with the discussion I’m following The Next Chapter’s lead and creating a collage card for each theme. This week I made one for joy! There are so many things that give me joy recently…seeing the leaves begin to change color, listening to the rain on the roof (we’ve certainly had our fair share of rain lately), and of course teaching kids yoga with Dea. Those are some of the “bigger” joys I’ve experienced recently, but sometimes joy can be as small as using a freshly sharpened pencil or the, what seems to be universal, joy of stepping on that extra crunchy leaf in your path! And there are people in my life who will never stop giving me joy…my Stew being one of the biggest joys of my life.

My “joy” Collage:


This week’s coming chapter is called “Nothing” where Martha Beck addresses the constant undertone of love and stillness that resides in us all. It’s a concept, as yogis, we aim to achieve after every class in savasana or corpse pose. We lay on our backs, close our eyes and do NOTHING but ride the wave of stillness. Beck asks her readers to practice doing absolutely nothing for 10-15 minutes a day and gives some great ideas to get you started. My favorite concept she mentions is based on discovering your “Amanpuri” or “The place of peace”. It’s a place you can go in your mind to trigger a state-dependent memory and begin the process of doing nothing. It can be somewhere you’ve been, or somewhere you create through your imagination. This week I’ll be working on doing absolutely nothing for 10 minutes a day and rediscovering my Amanpuri. Next week I’ll recount my experiences and we’ll begin the next chapter, Truth.



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4 responses to “The Joy Diet: Joy

  1. Love your joy collage!! And yes, this is one diet that is not a fad…having joy as part of our lives on a regular and constant basis is something that I hope will be habit forming! Looking forward to this exploration with you!

  2. What a fun joy collage. It lifts my spirits just looking at it.

  3. Beautiful post. Love the energy you are expressing. Artwork is amazing. Now I want to do collages for the chapters, but I will do nothing first for 15 min. Happy travels during the Joy Diet!

  4. My favorite part of your collage is the baby toes. They make me smile out loud.

    Looking forward to sharing this diet with you and seeing where it takes us.

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