Nurturing Your Inner Child

This past weekend was a celebration of Scottish heritage and traditions at the Highland Games in Boone, NC! I attended the games on Saturday and in the congestion of folks trying to make their way up to the mountaintop for the festivities our car was pretty much in park. Given the time to admire the road we were parked on I noticed some daisies lining the street and listened to the inner voice that said, “fetch those daisies up and put some in your hair”. At first it seemed silly, but given that there would be people dressed in kilts, dancers, and men throwing obscenely heavy objects for sport I shrugged my shoulders and deemed it appropriate! When we finally arrived the games completely swept me off my feet and facilitated some inner child love! There were so many things that I loved as a kid…playing dress up, mud between my toes, and dancing in the middle of the woods while the rain was falling. It was simple to get into the spirit of things with so many other like minded adults “playing along”, but in our daily lives connecting to that innate joy we hold from childhood can be more difficult. As we “grow up” the tendency is to “grow out” of the simple pleasures we so enjoyed as kids is quite common. We get caught up with deadlines and obligations and take life way too serious! We can’t all have the Highland Games to help facilitate our inner child’s resurrection, but here are a few ideas for coaxing yours back into your life!

Inner Child

*Yoga encourages us to be playful and free spirited! Some especially sprightly poses are:

Matsyasana/Fish Pose (consider making the fish face while you’re at it yea?)

Ananda Balasana/ Happy Baby

Vrksasana/Tree Pose (If your tree is swaying in the wind make sure to smile! Sometimes a little humor in this pose will keep your “roots” stronger! In life and on the mat.)

*Write a self-affirmation and post it on your mirror! Meditate on these affirmations and see where it leads you. Here are a couple I found helpful:

-By loving and caring for my inner child, I am adding to my creativity and spontaneity

-The child I once was is alive within me, right now!

*Go outside! Being outdoors is the perfect place to meet up with your innocent little you.

*Take time to smell the daisies and then put them in your hair!

How do you connect with your inner child? Let me know! =)


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